I Need to Learn About Blockchain

I just got back from a lecture, a girl I have been pursuing took me there. I wanted to go out with her, but to start with I was not the least bit interested in the lecture. The topic was the Era of Bitcoin, something which I knew a little about. However I had not realized how big the technology which makes it possible has become. Of course when you look at it, there is a lot of different things to talk about when you get involved in cryptocurrency. For example when Facebook started to talk about creating their own cryptocurrency, a lot of the people in the Congress and elsewhere went crazy about it. In that case Facebook already has a great many issues with the political classes. The people on the right think they are muzzling people like them, although they always neglect to say that these people are being muzzled for racism and all sorts of vile behavior which should be excised. The left is obviously upset about the fact that the Russians used Facebook to influence the elections in 2016.

In fact the whole purpose of bitcoin is to keep the government out of your business, even if your business is either illegal or if you want to avoid paying taxes on your income. So the government has real issues with the whole concept. Now the way that you do this is with blockchain and a lot of huge entities are really interested in that. It is a way that you can keep all sorts of things safe from hackers and it looks like the best cybersecurity that is available at this moment. So in turn it is obvious that if you would like to earn a good living, then this is the sort of thing you should learn about.

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