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  • What Is an Automated Trading System?

    Automated Trading

    Automated trading systems, also known as system trading, algorithmic trading, or mechanical trading systems, enable traders to establish certain guidelines for both trade entries and exits such that once preset, they can be automatically implemented using a computer.

    In fact, various platforms reveal that at least 70% of shares traded on U.S stock exchanges are executed using automatic trading systems. In addition, traders can open auto trader accounts on platforms and transform trade entry and exit rules into automated trading systems that will enable computers to implement and monitor trades on their behalf.

    One of the biggest appeals of having automated trading rules is that it can remove some of the emotion from trading operations because trades are automatically implemented once a specific criterion is met.

    These trade entry and exit guidelines can be founded on simple conditions such as M.A. (moving average) crossover, or they could be complex strategies that require an in-depth understanding of programming languages. Let’s look at how to establish trading rules, how you can avoid scam trading systems, and what to do before you automate your trading strategy.

    How Do You Establish Trading Rules?

    Some automated trading platforms have “wizards” that traders can use to pick technical indicators, which they can use to establish a set of trading rules. From this point, these trading rules can be automatically traded.

    For instance, you can input the kind of order (market or limit) and when the trade will be triggered. You can also use the default inputs on the trading platform. However, many traders choose to build their own trading indicators and strategies. They usually work closely with programmers to develop these indicators and strategies.

    Although this necessitates more effort compared to using a platform’s wizard, it gives traders more flexibility, and the outcomes can be more rewarding, as the one as the Malaysian broker Juno Markets. But, unfortunately, there is no trading strategy, whether default or custom, that can guarantee success.

    Once the rules have been established, a computer will check the markets to find buy or sell prospects based on the specs of the trading strategy. This immediate order entry can be the difference between a slight loss and a catastrophic one in fast-moving markets if the trade happens to go against the trader.

    How Can You Avoid Fraudulent Automatic Trading Platforms?

    As you search for the perfect automatic trading platform, always remember if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams in the market. So how can you determine if the automatic trading system is real or fake?

    1. 1. Start by scrutinizing any amount you’re required to pay for the trading account. If you don’t ask questions, you might end up losing cash in the long run.
    2. 2. Conduct research and ensure that you understand all aspects of the system you’ve chosen. Try and go through the terms and conditions before making commitments.
    3. 3. Check online for reviews about the trading system you’ve chosen
    4. 4. Most scam automated trading platforms don’t have trial periods, so be on the lookout

    Prior to Automating Your Trading Strategy:

    1. 1. Start by asking yourself should be using an automated trading system. Of course, you’re guaranteed to make money, but it can take longer than you think. So you need to determine if you’re better off trading manually.
    2. 2. Understand what you’re getting yourself into. Ensure you recognize the ins and outs of the system. Keep your strategies and goals simple prior to turning to more complex trading systems such as the automated kind.
    3. 3. Remember, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all automated trading system. You’ll need to consider your preferred trading strategy and your end goals. Then you can find the ideal automated trading system for your trading strategy.

    Final Thought


    To sum it all up, automated trading systems are very appealing, but you shouldn’t consider them as substitutes for carefully executed trading strategies. Understand that tech failures can occur, and as such, these systems need to be constantly monitored.

  • Criteria for taking out a loan in Finland


    Whether you require a personal or business loan, you need to understand the basics of the Finnish business sector.

    When you narrow down the size of the financial loan you require, you can then approach the business sector for solutions. Have you applied for a loan in your home country before? As a foreigner, you could successfully apply for a loan in Finland. You will need to provide some form of identification, a visa or a residence permit too. Loan companies – be it banks or loaners – want to be able to gauge your level of risk and whether you can repay the loan in full and by monthly or weekly instalments that you mutually agree on.

    When you read up on the loans, banking and the business sectors of Finland on Suomiarvostelut you will better understand the requirements of financial loans in this country. You will read about companies such as Limiitti in your research and wonder what their products, policies and customer services are like. Customers’ feedback on peer review websites such as Suomiarvostelut will help to make better-informed decisions.

    Essential criteria to successfully apply for a loan is showing clearly to the loan company your ability to repay their money. They will assess your income, the size of the loan you require, the purpose of your loan, your credit history and credit rating, and your list of guarantors for this loan.

    A person can apply for a personal and business loan online. It is best to enquire with several banks and loan agencies to compare their rates, charges, and interest levies on their loans. You should also enquire with different banks on the various tax implications a loan will have on your financial situation at the end of a tax period.

    Do you have a credit history and a positive credit rating? Those will stand you in a positive light to help you secure a loan. This is because banks and loan companies want to your performance of repaying previous lines of credit and loans to gauge your level of risk.

    The final check a bank and loan company will conduct on your application is a repayment capacity assessment. This is calculated by analyzing your disposable income, your monthly costs, your company’s financial statements if it is a business loan you are applying for, other loan costs, and your monthly expenses.

    There are several business loan types you can access. Loans for investment purposes, growth, internationalization, entrepreneurship, working capital gains, property and real estate loans, vehicle and asset loans, machinery and equipment loans, marketing and start-up loans, and bridge financing.

    Also, consult the Finnish Consumer Authority for in-depth information on this subject.

    The banks and loan companies will thoroughly assess your profile and application. Some loan applications in the business sector can last months, while others will be processed in a matter of days or weeks – depending on the loan type and the size of the loan. In terms of personal loans, some online loan companies can complete the process within a few minutes or hours.

  • Things to consider when taking out a loan in Sweden

    We all fall into some form of money troubles in our lives. Whether you need extra funds to consolidate your debt, or as a means to fund a renovation to your home, personal loans are a good way to get cash fast.

    When looking for a personal loan agent, it is important to do your research, and compare things such as interest rates, repayment fees, as well as taxes. While one provider might have lower interest rates, their taxes might be higher, and vice versa. A good place to start is by looking at reviews of personal loan providers online and comparing their good and bad points. You can search for reviews on providers such as Lendo on the Swedish review site Omdomesstalle.se. This can provide you with as much background information as possible to help you make your decision.

    There are both pros and cons with taking out a personal loan. Here we will discuss them.

    Pros of personal loans:

    1. A loan can help you build credit. Credit is needed to increase your credit score that is useful when applying for other loans, purchasing a vehicle through financing, as well as applying for a home loan or mortgage. Be sure to pay your loan repayment, as late payment or non-payment can affect your credit score.
    2. A loan can help you merge your debt by taking out an amount to pay off smaller debts.
    3. Having a good credit score can also affect the need for collateral when taking out a loan. Those with a lower credit score would often need to offer assets as collateral when taking out a loan, while those with good credit would not.
    4. Personal loan providers allow for flexible borrowing limits and competitive rates.

    Cons of personal loans:

    1. Personal loans can often come with high interest charges, meaning you end up paying back a lot more than you borrowed. Interest rates are also affected by your credit score. Someone with a lower credit score would end up paying higher interest rates than those with a good credit score.
    2. Nonpayment of monthly payments can cause various fees and penalties being added to your account. This can result in higher interest rates, and could possibly affect your credit score. Your credit score is important when taking out loans, applying for credit from stores, and even your chance of getting a home loan or mortgage.
    3. Taking out a personal loan to cover debt can often result in even more unnecessary debt. It is important to consider the reason for a loan before applying for one. Rather than adding another monthly payment to your budget, see if you can first pay off your other debts.

    A loan is a good idea for times when you need cash fast. You have a better chance of being granted a loan when your DTI (debt to income) ratio is 36% or less. It can also be useful when sourcing funds for a renovation project that will add value to your home.

  • Day Trading tips that are to be remembered forever


    What are the best stock daily trading strategies? - Quora

    Since a long time now the stock market has been a way to make an impatient person patient and has been applied to both traders and investors besides the other working sectors. If you are a beginner who is just getting started in the day trading market, here are some day trading tips that will help you gain success in the long term. So make sure you learn and understand them mindfully and take notes to level up your trading skills!

    1)      Pay Attention: Many rookie traders who are just getting started make this mistake and is very common to others as well. In fact many traders who are well experienced in this market make this mistake of not being attentive of what is going on in the surrounding. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the world around you especially the news that is regarding your trades and businesses. If going to invest as an investor, you must have all the background information of the company

    2)      Get Guidance: It is always better to learn and get advices from a trader who has been in the trading market for a longer time than you so try and find someone out who has a good teaching methodology. Them asking you for a charge is basically an investment for you which will certainly help you in the long term so go ahead and do not worry,  You are basically investing in education.

    3)      Vocation: Finding a vocation is completely up to you and is different for everyone. You must make your own choices and decisions and learn from your own mistakes. Try different strategies in the market and make a list of the ones that work for you. If you really want to succeed in the market, you will have to find the ideal strategy with which you feel comfortable trading.

    4)      Follow the Veterans: Following the veterans and pros who have gained success on their own in the trading market is something that you can do to learn from them. However, make sure that they are not affiliated with any companies that they have invested in. You must find a person to follow who is completely legit and is gaining success on their own decisions.

    5)      Patience: Having patience is necessary in any working sector as it takes time to master any skill, this also applies in the stock trading market. It will only give you the best results if you trade wisely and calmly. This is just like stalking your prey and then attacking at the right time when the percentage of gaining success is the highest.

    Do not forget that every trader who is now successful also used to be amateurs and novices just like you when starting out. Their success came from their hard work and you must do the same. Make mistakes and learn from them.

    To improve your chances of gaining success ever further, you can use financial trading softwares such as Arya Trading on https://arya.xyz/en/eshop that allows you to create your own trading strategies or even use prebuilt ones on different operating platforms such as IOS, android and windows.

  • What to Expect When Investing in Crypto Currencies

    In the decade following the launch of Bitcoin, the world has seen an explosion in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and block chain dependent financial vehicles.

    Fuelled by a continual move to web based and online resources, and growing confidence in the technology, uptake has begun to go mainstream.

    So, as a new investor in crypto, what should you expect?

    Crypto Currency Resources Online

    All you need to know about cryptocurrencies is available online. You may want to read about Inside Bitcoin, one of many excellent magazine resources available.

    Cryptocurrency advice is freely available online, but you should choose carefully and make sure that you are fully informed before you invest.

    Much More Than Bitcoin

    The first thing you are going to learn as you begin your crypto investment journey is that there is so much more than just Bitcoin.

    about Inside Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is the poster child of cryptocurrencies the first to get the public’s attention, it has subsequently become accepted in the mainstream.

    But dig deeper and you will find that there are literally hundreds of crypto currencies online. Most use block chain technology and many are based on identical or nearly identical technologies.

    They are all characterised by having a decentralised, peer-to-peer technology that proves to be the main attraction.

    Although there are many, that does not mean they are all equal. Cryptocurrencies vary widely in their market acceptance and value.

    A good start would be to familiarise yourself with the top 10 in circulation today.

    High Volatility

    If you are used to investing in stocks and shares, then you will be surprised by the crypto currency market.

    Like the global foreign exchange market, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, meaning that their price can fluctuate wildly.

    Nervousness from investors, relative youth of the market and the decentralised nature of these currencies translates to very high price changes.

    Take the Bitcoin price, which is currently fluctuating around the $10,000 mark, but that can change by $600 in a single day, and it has reached as much as $19,000 in the past.

    This volatility attracts many inexperienced investors but can be a danger to those too hasty to spend their money.

    Barrier to Entry

    There are a few barriers to entry to investing in cryptocurrencies.

    First, is the relative difficulty in purchasing them.

    Although many brokers are now starting to offer a wider variety of alternative currencies, many are still not widespread.

    If you are willing to stick to Bitcoin, then find a reputable online broker and buy your Bitcoin from there.

    However, you purchase your Bitcoin, you are going to pay a premium to get them. Credit card purchases will incur significant fees.

    The more esoteric the coin, then the further you are going to have to look to get your hands on them.

    Stick to well-known and respected cryptocurrency brokers online.

    De-Centralised but Not Unregulated

    Just because online currencies like Bitcoin are de-centralised does not mean the tax man won’t want his cut.

    Just like any investment, you will have to declare your assets, so take this into account with your financial and tax planning.