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Benefits Of Chinese Food To Your Body

You must have heard that food cures all kinds of illnesses. We all know that different kinds of food are good for flu or any other kind of illness. The Chinese belief is that food was only meant for wellness, the rest comes later. Their food is very nutritious and has healing properties. With all the spices and vegetables that are part of Chinese cuisine, you get why it is good for you. The following are the benefits you will enjoy from Chinese food.

Soup is very healthy and Chinese food is known to include loads of it. The Chinese soups are made from chicken, beef or fish and to it added vegetables that make it even more healthy. This is why the soup is very healthy because it has all the vitamins you can think of. When you have something like flu, such soup would give you relief. When you take the soup, any feeling of fatigue will be cured right away. Just like you would take hot tea to help with digestion, this Chinese hot soup also works the same.

Another reason why Chinese food is a good choice is because of the ratio of vegetables to meat. The body needs protein and meat is high in protein but meat is not the best source of protein. The Chinese get this right because they only take little meat as compared to vegetables. A ratio of 3:1, that is vegetables to meat is considered quite healthy. You will be very satiated and you will get all the necessary nutrients.

Chinese food is also eaten from small plates and chopsticks. This is different from what you are used to and makes the whole experience exciting. The small plates allow only small servings which prevent overeating. The chopsticks, on the other hand, prevent eating too fast. Eating fast is an unhealthy habit that causes bloating and there is more glucose in the blood. Eating slowly is recommended because it is better for digestion and also for weight loss.

Chinese food almost always includes rice. Rice is a good source of nutrients. Even better, Chinese rice includes all colors from black to red and even purple rice. Black and purple rice is healthier and less starchy as compared to white rice. Less starchy rice means fewer calories and a healthier meal.

Another staple of Chinese food is seafood. They eat all kinds of fish and sea animals. Healthy oils are found in this seafood because fish are high in healthy oils. This should be enough reason to start eating Chinese food. The herbs and spices make the deal even sweeter. Even more than the flavor, the herbs and spices have healing properties.

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