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Types of Fall Protection Systems for Your Employees

People who work at heights are in a very dangerous place where they can easily fall off. If you are an employer, it is your duty to ensure that your employees have the best safety equipment and the correct height safety training. It is important that you have the most appropriate fall arrest and fall protection system no matter what industry you are in. These industries include construction and building industry, telecommunications industry, the wind turbine industry and a host of others. Safety is ensured for those who are working at heights if there is adequate roof fall protection. Below are some of the safest and cost-effective safety solutions and products.

Employees working on the roof should be assured of their safety by installing roof fall protection systems on your roofs. It is important for your workers to have both hands free while working and so the roof fall protection system should allow this. This system will allow your workers to work up on the roof freely and with both hands. There are other equipment that will also be helpful in ensuring your workers roof safety and these include roof anchors, horizontal lifelines, and horizontal rail systems. These products can easily be purchased from any store that sells roof fall protection systems. You should only purchase from reputable companies so you don’t compromise your workers’ safety. Choose a company that provides customized solutions that is tailored to the specific tasks that your own workers will be carrying out.

Below are some examples of roof fall arrest systems that you can install on your roofs.

You can benefit from having horizontal rail systems so that your workers will have roof fall arrest and protection. These railing system will not hinder the work of your employees and at the same time they also complement the design of your building. You can easily fix these railings on your roof where your workers can attach themselves to. With this railing system, your workers can have their hands free to do the work that they need to do up the roof. Difficult inspection and maintenance tasks are eased up since the rails can be used for suspended rope access.

Another roof fall arrest device that you can use is the horizontal cable system. They are as flexible as the horizontal rail system and also allow for hands-free operations. Like horizontal rails, they are unobtrusive and can blend into modern buildings and older buildings as well. These are more cost-effective fall protection and arrest systems but even then, the safety of your workers and employees are not compromised.

You can have great peace of mind if you consult with an expert first before purchasing anything.

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