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News about Iran
Iran has a rich history that many people dont know about. Remember that it is bigger than France. It has ancient deserts, a unique climate for mountain biking and trekking, mountain ranges among others. It is crucial to keep in mind that the locals are very friendly people. Note that it is the place of the worlds oldest civilizations and it has a captivating culture and history. Keep in mind that Iran is a modern country and it has modern ambitions. Bear in mind that Iran offers some of the finest trekking, mountain biking and skiing in the world read here.
Note that our perception of modern day Iran is still very much shaped by the ancient Greeks who were the old enemy of Persia check this website to learn more. Remember that the countrys rich history is taught to the young ones. Note that you will see totally different things about Iran from the ones you read or see in the news visit this site for more info. It is crucial to keep in mind that visitors are usually amazed by the unbelievable welcoming kindness and warmth of the Iranian people towards them read more. Note that Iran has a population of western oriented people and they dont oppose western ideas. Bear in mind that countless people in most Iranian cities mourned for the victims of the September eleven attacks.
You need to understand that they are proud of their Persian identity and culture. Keep in mind that they normally speak their own language Farsi also known as Persian. Note that they have their own calendar that is not the same as the other Islamic ones. It is crucial to note that Iran has a very young population, over two thirds of its 70 million citizens are under the age of thirty check it out! You ought to note that Iran is a highly developed country with an educated and cultured population. Note that their film industry is thriving and some producers from that country have received international recognition. The capital city holds events like book fairs and international film festivals each year and it is also a center of modern photography and art.
You ought to note that Iran news is safe and anyone can visit the place at any time. Be advised that the rate of crime is not as high as in other countries. For example, a growing number of Americans play in the Iranian basketball league and are very popular with the supporters click here.

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